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We have been in this game for years, and one thing we have learned through the years is to value friendships over business. Over the years we have encountered many who will just see you for what they need and attempt to break you down as soon as they've gotten what they need. We believe differently, when we work with others we try to build relationships with who we work with. We make it a point to grow as a family. You have our backs and we will have yours. You can't buy loyalty and trust and that is what makes it Family. Family...

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Our latest cut and sew piece. I have pondered this piece for a while, but lacked volume and the resources to create one that would live up to what I had in mind. But finally this vision has become a reality inspired by Paul Walker in F2F when he rocked a mechanics shirt outside of a shop, we thought to bring something fresh with a TBA twist that would allow a piece like this to be comfortably worn at a shop working on your ride or just as suited to be worn out anywhere cruising the city. Constructed of Poplin which is the same material that...

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From day one one of my primary design principles for TBA has been to take iconic trends in street wear and give it a tuner inspired twist. There hasn't been a more iconic street piece than the classic Bandana, the perfect accent to any outfit grid. The Bandana has represented styles, ideas and movements. For a long time I've struggled to bring this piece into fruition as low production run quantity were always a bounding factor. However finally because of all of you who have been supporting us, you've allowed us a chance to attempt this design due to the increased...

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We came up in the 6ix, 70% of our sales is from the 6ix. Our growth has come with the growth of the tuner scene in the 6ix. This city has our back and we have its. We are proud to rep the 6ix and the 6ix deserves to be in the conversation when it comes to tuner culture worldwide. We want to make sure the world knows the 6ix is doing it big and we will drop blood, sweat and tears to do so.   This tee drops May 14th at 10AM at our pop up and through our online...

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WE HERE Its about 2:37AM and I’ve attempted to start writing this blog post about a hundred times and I haven't been able to get past the first sentence, till now. I think the main reason is because this post will contain something so big in concept, at least to me, that it’s been hard to capture the entire feeling into words. I’ve been in the car scene for a while now and have joined amazing people to assist in doing some great things like events with 20,000 people plus to building cars for music video’s to running sponsorship programs for some of...

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